Monday, July 17, 2017

9 Reasons To Quit Drinking

Day #2 John-for-Life (Alcohol-Free Version)

Okay! Today is day #2. It feels pretty good. Today I need to discuss why I am quitting drinking. I don't think it's appropriate to discuss the advantages and disadvantages at this point. I think what I need to do is list the top nine reasons I want to quit drinking. I think we will keep this list reasons why I want to quit. Ready? Here we go!
  1. The hangovers. The hangovers aren't so bad, but I feel fatigued and don't want to exercise or eat healthy. Actually, what I crave is a juicy hamburger with bacon and swiss cheese. This does not bode well for losing weight. 
  2.  I want to lose weight. I have lost 35 pounds since June 15, 2015. This is a great accomplishment. However, I believe that, after adding in one or two nights of drinking a few glasses of whiskey and coke, I believe I am consuming about 1900 calories a day on average, which is why I weight 191 pounds and have hit a plateau. So, I proved you can lose weight without quitting doing all the things you enjoy, but there comes a point if you want to accomplish your goal, where you have to take the next step.
  3. It hits you harder when your stomach is empty. See, you come home from work after dieting all day, and you are starving. You eat a light snack fitting of your diet, and then you have two drinks. They hit you harder because you are dieting. Not good. Either you need to not drink or you need to eat a full meal before drinking. To accomplish my goal I must quit drinking. 
  4. I don't like getting tipsy in front of my family. This kind of goes along with #3, as I drink after I get home from work, and I drink my usual two drinks, and it hits me harder than it normally does because my stomach is empty. So, what happens? I find that my son and wife come home and I'm slurring my words. Yeah! I don't like that. It makes me feel stupid. So, as with #3, I have two choices: eat more or quit drinking. 
  5. I don't remember going to bed, let alone what I did last night. This is something I was proud to say never happened to me before I started dieting. You drink on an empty stomach, you get drunk, and you get up in the morning not remembering. If you do that, then what's the point of drinking? You might as well just not do it all if you aren't even able to enjoy the buzz. So, again, there are two alternatives (well, three, but I don't' want to consider the third option). You can eat more before you drink, or you can quit. 
  6. Oxidative stress. This is one of the main reasons I wanted to quit drinking. Every time you drink, the alcohol pounds on our cells of your bladder, liver, and brain over and over and over and over. This causes an imbalance of oxidizers and antioxidants. It causes an increase of free radicals that damage cells. This is how you get diseases. This is how you get unhealthy. This is how you age. This is how your immune system gets damaged. Oxidative stress causes gene mutations that result in all sorts of bad things, including asthma and COPD. So, I think this is an opportunity to clean out my system so I can get overall healthier. 
  7. The guilt. I should have stuck to my diet. I should have made better use of my time. I should have just gone to bed. I made it two weeks without drinking, so why did you have that Miller Lite? It's not like drinking is this bad, evil thing that progressives make it out to be. I don't think any of that. In fact, if someone made me quit I wouldn't do it. I am doing this because I want to. And, the fact that I want to quit to get healthy (for 60 days), and the fact I made it two weeks, makes me feel guilty that I drank. So, I am going to quit. 
  8. I want to. There's no better reason that just the fact you want to. Again, if someone said I had to quit I wouln't do it. But, since no one wants me to quit, I will. Actually, my wife and brothers and dad and friends don't want me to quit. So, that's the first obstacle I will have to face. Based on the experts, I had best stay away for the first couple of weeks. 
  9. Binge Eating. When you drink you lose your ability to resist eating the foods you would normally avoid. You have a tendency to binge eat. You also have an increased appetite the next day and crave things like burgers and fries, also foods you shouln't eat. So, for just this reason alone I think a 60 day alcohol free John-for-Life would benefit me. I imagine I would lose weight just by default, even if I didn't diet. But, I'm going to diet too, so I bet I will lose weight fast. 
By the way. Today I weight 191 pounds. That's my weight in. Okay, so that's nine reasons to quit drinking. This is my list, not yours. I made up a similar list, it would probably be different than mine. But these are the eight reasons I want to quit drinking for 60 days. 

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